All About Us

Who We Are

We are the Official Recruiter for Global, National, Regional, Province, State, County & City appointed titles; selecting & developing talent to place into several elemental pageants that we are holding to represent the Most Precious elements that helps to provide life on the place we call home, the 3rd rock from our Sun!

Our Mission

To bring about global consciousness and bring humanity closer with Earth’s energy, all while preserving Earth and it’s most precious resources! We’re looking for beautiful ladies (both inside & out) who wants to perfect or use their public speaking on a global stage to bring a voice to these causes! Do you have what it takes? Are you one of the next FACES OF GLOBAL CHANGE® for girls, teens, and women of the ages 7 & older?

What We Do

The Search is on for the FACES OF GLOBAL CHANGE® 2020 Photo Contest winners. We judge and critique potential talent who are looking to enhance their modeling resumes through pageantry!! Compete in this photo contest to earn a local appointed title for America, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and your way to one of the national pageant finales that we are holding; crowning queens to represent the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, or Supreme Queen of all elements.

How it Works

These photo contests are held monthly for those interested in showing off their modeling or photogenic appeal. Each year, top winners in each age category from every country, region, state or province will be selected and awarded entry into our various national pageants we are recruiting for, to award titles representing the most popular life supporting elements on this planet – the International Titleholder’s will go on to promote the following title’s & causes…

Miss Infinity®

THE SUPREME QUEEN PAGEANTCrowning one who is the embodiment of all the Elements. She is the Goddess of Altruism! Where she promotes goodwill  & serves her community for the greater good of making our World a much better place”APPLY NOW!

Miss Biosphere®

THE EARTH ELEMENTAL PAGEANTCrowning the “Goddess of Conservation & Preservation of Land, Soil, Plantlife, & all things EcoSystem”APPLY NOW!

Miss Aquamarine®

THE WATER ELEMENTAL PAGEANTCrowning the “Goddess of Conservation & Preservation of Clean water, sea-life & all things Aquatic”APPLY NOW!

Miss Ozone®

THE AIR ELEMENTAL PAGEANTCrowning the “Goddess of Conservation & Preservation of Clean, Breathable Air & all things Preventing pollution, emissions, & ozone degradation”APPLY NOW!

Miss Inferno®

THE FIRE ELEMENTAL PAGEANTCrowning the “Goddess of Prevention of forest fires & all things concerning Global Warming”APPLY NOW!

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