Become a Contestant!

Current Entry Deadline for September is by 4:30 P.M. on the 30th! Winners are announced weekly on Mondays!!

Local Titles

Win your city or county title from our photo contest so you can participate in your state pageant!

State Titles

Each state pageant will be held from May 2019 to December 2019 on-line as an appointed state title program (no traveling or hotel fees necessary, simply submit your competition materials on-line for judging). If you win your state title, you’ll receive an invitation to attend your state’s live coronation party to be crowned on-stage with your new regalia ON JANUARY 25TH, 2020!

2020 International Finals

If you win your 2020 state title, you’ll receive airfare accommodations, hotel accommodations and tickets to Disney World to attend and compete at the 2020 Live International Finals in Orlando, FL (USA) the week of March 10th-14th, 2020!

General Contest Detail

We are so excited to extend an invitation to you to compete in the FACES OF GLOBAL CHANGE® photo contest. Submit your most glamorous photo(s) for judging by top industry leaders for your city or county title, plus the opportunity to compete for your state title & trip to Orlando, FL with tickets to Disney World® and the chance of a lifetime to appear live on-stage via telecast.  

This photo contest serves as an official talent search and development for those interested in breaking into the modeling, beauty and entertainment industries. You could win your appointed city or county title and opportunity to compete on-line for your state’s

  • MISS INFINITY® – Supreme Queen Pageant (of all the elements) or one of her sister pageants of the elements…
  • MISS BIOSPHERE®  – Earth Pageant,
  • MISS AQUAMARINE® – Water Pageant,
  • MISS OZONE® – Air Pageant, or
  • MISS INFERNO® – Fire Pageant

How it Works


Every entrant must submit their photo for judging in their correct age division as follows…

  • PRINCESS (Ages 7-9)
  • JUNIOR (Ages 10-12)
  • TEEN (Ages 13-19, never been married, nor given birth to a child.)
  • MISS (Ages 20-36, any marital status, with or without children.)
  • MS. (Ages 37 or older, any marital status, with or without children.)

The age division your photo wins in for your city or county will be the same one you are assigned to compete in for one of the elemental pageant finals listed above!


Photos will be judged and scored in…

  • Facial Beauty
  • Personality in Photo
  • Fashion Sense
  • Overall Impression


All City & County title winners MUST compete in their state’s on-line program to avoid losing their newly won titles and prizes as follows…

  • Commemorative award certificate, 
  • Rhinestone Crown,
  • Sash with their city or county title on it for their state pageant.
  • Pageant logo tee, and
  • Professionally designed contestant ad page inside your state’s pageant program magazine!


E-mail us at – – with your name, age, city, state & photo. We will respond back with the details on what’s required to apply and compete for your city / county title w/ entry into your state pageant’s program!!!

Current Entry Deadline for September is by 4:30 P.M. on the 30th! Winners are announced weekly on Mondays!!

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